How to get rid of PII error in Outlook?



In this guide, we are going to give you solutions with which you can fix all the PII errors in your outlook email and application. We are also going to tell you what a PII error is and how does it arise. 

What is a PII error?

Before we move to the outlook email errors, we should know about the problem we are dealing with. PII or Personally Identifiable Information is the information that is used to spot a specific person. Email addresses, security numbers, or phone numbers fall into this category. But, sometimes there are errors with the PII that are caused due to many issues. 

How can you fix the PII errors in Outlook?

There are some ways through which you can fix the PII error code in outlook so, adhere to our instructions and you will resolve your issue.

Method 1: Remove Current Accounts in Outlook

The first method that you can try is to delete all the accounts in your Outlook application if you are using too many accounts from a single device. Removing different accounts fixes any SMTP error that the application may be facing. 

Method 2: Reinstall Outlook

The most basic troubleshooting method that works in every condition is to delete and then, reinstall the Outlook application. Reinstalling the application will get all the new features and updates that might be missing in your current version and will fix your PII error.

Method 3: Change the Port number

Another method that you can try is to change the Port number of the outlook server from the settings. You will find the port number in the Internet email settings option. Change the port number from 465 to 587 and then, click on the Ok button. 

All these methods will help you in fixing and you can also try the Verizon com manage repair to fix any PII error you are encountering. 

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